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Based on the observation that feminist theory poses great potential to make a change in organisational contexts, after the completion of her Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge, Rea searched for a way to make existing knowledge accessible and usable beyond the academic realm. As an independent publisher, Sophie had worked at the intersection of theory and practice for a while, noticing the limited translation process between academically stated gender issues and broad societal recognition.

In summer 2018, Rea and Sophie thus decided to join forces and to collaborate with their vast network to pave the way for more diversity in organisations.

Rea Eldem

Rea's perspective is rooted in her working experience as a Design Thinking facilitator and agile coach; she believes in implementing diversity strategies through mindset shift, innovative working culture and behavioural cues.

Sophie Wohlgemuth


Sophie's perspective is based on her experience as a translator and publisher for botopres; she coaches gender and diversity matters with a focus on language, arts and performance.